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Registry Trust Limited has various options available to business customers depending on the type of service that’s needed.

Multiple searches

For customers who wish to carry out higher volumes of searches against specific individuals, companies or businesses, we have account facilities which make it simpler and faster to enter requests.

As an account customer you have the benefit of being able to credit funds to an account from which the charges are deducted as the searches are made, streamlining the process and removing the online payment stage for each search. For greater convenience the account balance can be topped up online whenever it is required using a credit or debit card. Accounts also have the facility to add multiple sub-users so that other members of your staff can make use of the service by using the same account but avoiding the need to share usernames and passwords. To keep track of your account usage there is an archive that stores the results of your searches and which user made them so that you can easily audit and even review the results that were returned in each case.

If you wish to become an account customer please click here to register your details and open your account. 

Data purchasers

For customers who are interested in purchasing judgment data in bulk there are a number of options that can provide selected extracts of data using various criteria through to complete daily extracts from the full file.

(Please note that some options are only available for data contained in the England and Wales Register.)

Purchasing data by area

If the requirement is for regional data we can supply England and Wales county court judgment data either by the issuing court or by the post code of the defendant.

These extracts can be further split into three categories: records relating to individuals, those relating to non corporate bodies (e.g. trading styles, sole traders and partnerships and records relating to corporate bodies (e.g. Plc, Limited etc).

The data is supplied weekly by electronic file. Each record consists of: court name, case number, defendant’s name and address, amount and date of judgment. We also provide, free of charge, details of satisfactions and cancellations relating to the areas for which you choose to take judgment records.

We do not hold any information about the claimant or the nature of dispute that gave rise to the case. Registry Trust Limited is only notified about money judgments where the court has made a financial award and we are not supplied with any information about orders of the court that do not relate to a financial award.

There is a cost per record which is dependent on volumes purchased. An initial £150 non-refundable set-up fee, plus a deposit equivalent to three months estimated supply is required. The minimum contract period is one month and the notice period to cancel the contract is also one month.

Please note this product is only available for England and Wales county court judgments.

For further information about purchasing data by area please contact us at

Purchasing complete data files

For organisations that require all of the judgment records within a jurisdiction we have different arrangements and can provide this data in electronic files on a daily or weekly basis depending on the requirements and purpose. Due to data protection considerations, the data for some jurisdictions may be restricted to specific purposes.

The files are divided into three categories: records relating to individuals, those relating to non corporate bodies (e.g. trading styles, sole traders and partnerships and records relating corporate bodies (e.g. Plc, Limited etc). Normally data files are provided to customers via an FTP site on a daily or weekly basis depending on the availability of the data.

For further information about purchasing complete data files please contact us at

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