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Child support agency (CSA) liability orders

The Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines includes Child Support Agency (CSA) Liability Orders.

Registration of CSA Liability Orders

Registry Trust Ltd (RTL) is contracted to the Ministry of Justice to maintain this statutory public Register, one section of which includes details of CSA Liability Orders.  

CSA Liability Orders normally relate to self-employed individuals as no Attachment of Earnings Order can be made in these cases to enforce a judgment.

Where it is believed that the individual could be paying maintenance, the CSA takes out a Liability Order in a Magistrates’ Court and, if the debtor is not willing to pay, the debt may be registered.

RTL is notified by one of the six CSA Offices in the UK.

What appears on the register

Details appearing on any search of the Register include:

  • The name and address of the debtor,
  • The date and amount of the debt,
  • The CSA Centre responsible for the information
  • Their CSA reference number. 

Information relating to CSA Liability Orders is not currently acquired by credit reference agencies.

When searching the Register there may be incomplete information or a slight variation in either the name or address (i.e. spelling). If so, the search reply may mark this as a possible match "*".

Updating the register

The register is kept up to date. However, it only shows the original amount of the Order and cannot be updated when part-payments are made.


Once the debt has been paid in full, the relevant CSA Office notifies RTL and the item is updated to reflect this information.

When repaid outside one calendar month from the registration date, the item is marked as ‘satisfied’. Both satisfied and unsatisfied Orders are removed from the Register six years after the registration date.

Cancelling the order

If entered in error, paid before the court date, or paid in full within one calendar month of the registration date, RTL will be notified and the item is removed from the Register. 

Amending the order

If a debtor feels that details of a registration are inaccurate, application should be made to RTL, providing particulars of the Order and stating the requested amendment.

If a recent search of the Register has not been made, the requisite search fee must be enclosed.

A query will be raised with the relevant CSA office that will investigate and respond to RTL.

Upon receipt of their response, the debtor will be advised and, if appropriate, the Register will be amended.

CSA names and addresses

The names and addresses of the Child Support Agency offices are as follows:

  • Plymouth: Clearbrook House, Towerfield Drive, Bickleigh Down Business Park, Plymouth PL6 7TN
  • Birkenhead: 2 Weston Rd, Crewe, CW98 1BB
  • Dudley: 2 Weston Rd, Crewe, CW98 1BB
  • Hastings: Ashdown House, Sedlescombe Road North, St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, TN37 7NL
  • Falkirk: Parklands, Callender Business Park, Callender Road, Falkirk, FK1 1XT
  • Belfast: The Great Northern Tower, 17 Great Victoria Street, Belfast BT2 7AD

The CSA Helpline telephone number is: 08457 133133