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The registers and CCJ checks

CCJ checks can be done on the official Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines, operated by Registry Trust on behalf of the Ministry of Justice.

Similar registers are held by RTL for Scotland, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Jersey and Isle of Man.  For more details see the registers for judgments & fines.

Why check the register

People search for CCJs and other judgments on the registers for many reasons:

  • To see why they’ve been refused credit.
  • To check their details on the registers are correct.
  • To check an amendment to the register has happened.
  • To see if judgments or decrees are registered against another person or business.
  • To check another business prior to supplying goods or services.
  • To check potential employees in sectors like financial services.

CCJ checks and credit

Credit reference agencies also use the information in the register as part of their service.

Lenders see this information when deciding whether to grant credit or not.

A CCJ on your file can affect your chances of getting credit, or mean that you pay more interest than other people.