Trust Online

Understanding the search results

How to understand your search results.

Column headings

Name details

The name shown on any entries revealed in the search is the name of the defendant, defender, respondent or offender as the case may be, that has been advised to us by the court.

Date of birth

There will only be a date in this field where one has been supplied by the court.


This is the name of the court responsible for the case.

Case number

Where a reference number is available this is the reference by which the court may identify an individual case.


A date in this column will normally refer to the date of the judgment, decree or order.

However in the case of a fines default it refers to the date of conviction. In the case of an Eire registered judgment it refers to the date the judgment was registered in the Four Courts at Dublin.


This is the amount which the court has ordered to be paid. It is not necessarily an indication of the debt balance currently outstanding.


Where an entry in the Status column is described as Unsatisfied it indicates the status of the case as at the time the search was made. It does not necessarily indicate that the debt is unpaid either in whole or in part, but if it is fully paid Registry Trust Ltd has not been notified.

In England and Wales or the Isle of Man, once a court has received evidence (or for Scotland, Jersey, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland this evidence has been delivered to ourselves) that a debt has been fully repaid, the entry on that Register can be updated.

Where the status is shown as Satisfied it indicates that we have been advised that the debt has been fully repaid on the date shown.

Company names

Users of this service should be aware that the same company name may be legitimately registered in the companies registries for different jurisdictions.

Since company searches are by name only, in cases of doubt users must ascertain for themselves that entries revealed relate to the appropriate company.

Similar results

Trust Online is an automatic way to search the registers. To provide the most complete response, we sometimes include records which, although not identical, are very similar in name to the details searched. These possible matches are identified with an asterisk.

It is your responsibility to ascertain whether any record shown on a search response relates to the name searched.