Cancelling/setting aside a County Court Judgment (CCJ)

The court will set aside a judgment if it has been:

  • Entered in error
  • Paid before the court date
  • Cancelled because full repayment was made within one calendar month of the judgment date

If a judgment was entered in error, an application can be made to the court to have the judgment set aside for which a court fee of £275. If granted, the court should notify us to remove the judgment from the Register.

If you have fully paid the CCJ within a month of the judgment date, you can apply to have it set-aside/cancelled by providing the court with proof of payment. The judgment will be removed from the Register once we have been notified by the court.

If full payment is made within one month, you can also apply to the relevant court for a Certificate of Cancellation, available for a court fee of £16.

Can I get a County Court Judgment (CCJ) related to an insurance claim removed?

If a county court judgment relates to an insurance claim against an individual, we will notify the credit reference agencies to remove the judgment data from their files, if we receive an original signed letter from the insurers or insurer’s solicitors.

The original signed letter on headed paper by post from the insurers must contain the following information:-

  •  The judgment relates to an insurance claim
  •  County Court name
  •  Case Number
  •  Date of judgment
  •  Amount of judgment

We can only process an Insurance Cancellation if we are in receipt of an original signed letter on headed paper received by post addressed to:

Registry Trust Ltd
Insurance Cancellation Request
153-157 Cleveland Street

Or by email to

All correspondence received is dealt with in date order and you will receive a response within 10 working days.

The record will remain on the public Register, until it is set-aside/cancelled by the relevant court.

Please note that we cannot issue an Insurance Cancellation for a Limited Company.

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