Child Support Agency Liability Orders

Child Support Agency (CSA) Liability Orders normally relate to self-employed individuals as no Attachment of Earnings Order (an order to allow funds to be taken directly from the debtor’s wages) can be made in these cases to enforce a judgment.

Where it is believed the debtor in a CCJ case has the funds to pay child maintenance, the CSA will take out a Liability Order in a Magistrates’ Court and, if the debtor is not willing to pay, the debt may be registered.

These orders are shown as either satisfied or unsatisfied on the Register.

Satisfied means the order has been paid in full, unsatisfied means it has not.

The orders stay on the statutory register for six years unless set aside/cancelled.

The information appearing on the Register is as follows:

  • the name and address of the defendant
  • details of the case number
  • the amount and date of registration
  • satisfaction details once Registry Trust has been notified by the CSA office

The CSA Helpline telephone number is: 0800 171 2033/2162

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