How to satisfy an administration order

An administration order is a formal and legally binding agreement between you and your creditors to pay back your debts over a period of time.

When an administration order has been paid in full, the court should notify us so that the Register can be updated.

Any county court judgment(s) included in the order can only be marked as satisfied if the judgment is paid in full. If there is more than one judgment, these must be satisfied separately.

If you require a certificate showing that your record has been paid, you can apply to the relevant court for a 'Certificate of Satisfaction'. There is a court fee of £16 for the certificate.

Cancelling/setting aside an administration order

When the court sets aside an administration order, or the debt has been fully paid within one calendar month from the date of the order, we should be notified by the court to remove the record from the Register.

If full payment is made within one month, you can also apply to the relevant court for a Certificate of Cancellation, available for a court fee of £16.

The cancellation/setting aside of an administration order does not affect any county court judgment(s) which have been included as part of that order.

Revoking an administration order

If you do not make the regular payment ordered by the court, the arrangement under the administration order may be withdrawn and the order revoked.

This releases the creditors from the restrictions imposed and enables them to take further legal action – either obtaining a judgment where one does not already exist or making a bankruptcy application.

The court should notify us of the revocation so that the Register can be updated.

Varying an administration order

An administration order is varied when the amount of the debt agreed under the original order has been changed by the addition of new creditors, or when a composition order (debt reduced to a percentage of the money owed) is made.

The courts should notify us so we can replace the original order with the varied one.

Suspending an administration order

An administration order is suspended when you are unable to continue payments for a period of time and where the court accepts the reason for this. The Register is not updated when an administration order is suspended.

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