How to satisfy a County Court Judgment (CCJ)

CCJs are shown as either satisfied or unsatisfied on the Register. Satisfied means you have paid in full, unsatisfied means you have not. You can ask the court for this to be corrected if it is wrong.

If you have fully paid the CCJ more than a calendar month after the judgment date, you can apply to have it shown as satisfied by providing the court with proof of payment. The satisfied judgment will stay on the Register for the statutory six years from the date of the judgment.

When the court has received the proof of payment, they should notify us to amend the Register, to show the record as ‘satisfied’. Once updated, the Register will show that your debt has been fully paid and the date it was paid.

If you require a certificate showing that your record has been paid, you can apply to the relevant court for a 'Certificate of Satisfaction'. There is a court fee of £16 for the certificate.

You can only receive a “Certificate of Satisfaction’ if your debt is paid in full; part repayments are not recorded.

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