Interested in purchasing a bulk volume of data?

For customers who are interested in purchasing a bulk volume of data, there are a number of options that can provide either selected extracts of data using various criteria through to complete registers.

Bulk data files

We can provide all the raw data on the Register; the data can be split by geographical registers and consumer or commercial. There is six years’ worth of historical data available.

Typically the type of customers who take the bulk data files are those who require the data daily for credit reports or those who produce large volumes of due diligence/risk assessment reports for both themselves and for their own customers. Judgment data will be one of the components amongst other datasets within these reports.

If you are interested in taking a bulk data file please send an email to with the following information regarding the usage of the data:

  • Is the data for your own use or for resale?
  • What is the product or service in which the judgment data will be used?
  • If you are using the data as part of a customer product, annually how many reports will you be producing?
  • We can provide up to six years of historical data. How many years will you need?
  • We can provide information for England & Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Jersey and the Isle of Man. Which of these jurisdictions are you interested in?
  • We provide Consumer, Corporate and Non-Corporate data. Which type are you interested in?
  • What information are you planning to use, or resell (e.g. Yes/No indicator, full details including name, address, date and value, etc)?
  • Will you require the updates files daily, monthly or quarterly?

Aggregated data – RT View

Through our product RT View we can provide aggregated data from the England & Wales and Scotland Registers. This initiative directly supports the Governments plans for freeing valuable data and making it widely available under the Open Data agenda. The datasets provide a comprehensive and consistent view of indebtedness across the United Kingdom and the annual snapshots enable important changes in debt levels to be identified and future trends predicted.

The data is accessed through interactive mapping software and the results viewed through a range of maps, charts and graphs which enables users to create and export maps and charts to meet their own particular requirements.

RT View enables users to analyse the Registers, tailored to their specific areas of interest, exploring the values and numbers of judgments for consumers and businesses by geographic location. 

Through RT View the Register can be explored free of charge for non-commercial use while the identity of consumers and businesses on the Register is fully protected.

The full aggregated datasets can also be supplied under licence to enable the information to be combined with other datasets for research or commercial applications. Please email ( us for further information.

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