Satisfying an Isle of Man judgment

Isle of Man judgments are shown as either satisfied or unsatisfied on the Register. Satisfied means you have paid in full, unsatisfied means you have not.

If you have fully paid the judgment more than a calendar month after the judgment date, in order to have a judgment marked as satisfied, you should provide proof of payment to the local Coroner’s Office who will issue a Certificate of Satisfaction for which a fee is payable. This certificate can then be presented to the General Registry, Isle of Man Courts of Justice, who should notify us.  Once notified, the record will be updated as ‘satisfied’ on the Register where it will remain for the six-year period from the date of judgment.

Cancelling/setting aside a judgment

Judgments can only be removed from the Register if they are:

  • set aside by the court
  • paid prior to the court action
  • paid in full within one calendar month of the date of judgment

If the judgment was entered in error or paid before the court action, you will need to apply to the General Registry to have the judgment set aside, for which a fee is payable. A sworn affidavit is also required which can be prepared at the court for a fee or by a solicitor.

When the General Registry notifies us that a judgment has been paid within one calendar month, it will remain in the Isle of Man Courts of Justice Judgment Book but will be removed from our Register and from the files of the credit reference agencies. Registry Trust has adopted this policy in order to provide parity for consumers.

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