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County court judgment forms

There are several court forms associated with county court judgments (CCJs as they are known) Here’s a quick guide.

Court forms explained

Here are the court forms you may come across

  • N1 CPC claim form Shows you how much a creditor says you owe them.
  • N9 Acknowledgement of service Used to ask for another 14 days to file a defence.
  • N9A Admission form If you admit the claim but you want time to pay. Asks for your income and expenditure so the court can determine how much you should pay if it files against you. You can use it to make an offer to pay, or to ask for more time.
  • N9B Defence form If you want to defend the claim.
  • N 244 Stay of judgment You can use this to stop the judgment being enforced – if you want it set aside or you can’t afford to pay anything because your circumstances have changed.
  • N245 Application for suspension of a warrant and/or variation of an order If you can’t afford to pay all that you’ve been ordered to pay (whether in full or instalments), this is used to ask the court to agree to a lower amount.
  • EX160 Application for a fee remission Asks the court not to charge you a fee (you can apply retrospectively for six months).