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Understand Judgments & Fines

Confused by CCJs, Administration Orders, satisfied judgments or fines defaults? Here's the Trust Online guide to everything you need to know.

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CCJs and county courts

Find out how county court judgments (CCJs) and county courts work, read about what it means to have a CCJ recorded against you, and discover how long a CCJ will stay on file, depending on when you pay what you owe.

CCJs: What are they?

CCJs and credit: mortgages, loans and credit cards

County court judgment records: How long CCJs stay on record

Certificate of satisfaction - Satisfied vs unsatisfied CCJs

Set aside a judgment

Removing a CCJ

Default judgments

Enforcing judgments

County court judgment forms

County courts: How they work

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Searching the registers

Understand the role of the registers in different geographical locations (Scotland, Republic of Ireland, Wales, Jersey and Isle of Man), discover how to search one or more registers, and find out how to interpret the results.

The registers for judgments and fines

How to search the registers

The register and CCJ checks

Understanding the search results

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Entries on the England and Wales Register

The biggest of the registers that Trust Online holds is the register for England and Wales. Find out more about its sections on CCJs, administration orders, high-court judgments, CSA liability orders and fines defaults.

CCJs and the register

High Court judgments and the register

Administration orders and the register

Child Support Agency (CSA) liability orders and the register

Fines defaults and the register

Tribunal Awards and the register

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